Norwich Model Arctic Council

for University 2

TBC June 2022

A diplomatic simulation

for university students

Make a journey into the far North

From the iconic campus of the

University of East Anglia


NORMAC University is the only Model Arctic Council in the world today expressly for undergraduates. Students play the roles of delegates from Arctic states and—unusually in model diplomacy—indigenous peoples. Their challenge is to negotiate consensus on some of the most pressing questions facing not only the Arctic and its communities, but by extension our world as a whole.



At once a pristine wilderness, a treasure house of natural riches, and an ancient homeland for unique cultures, the Arctic is one of the most fascinating—and fast-changing—regions on the planet. Unlike other international fora, the Arctic Council formally brings together not only the countries of the Arctic, but also its indigenous peoples, in order to reach consensus on difficult issues.



Our host for NORMAC University is the University of East Anglia, one of the UK’s top 25 universities, and home to world-renowned research on climate change and the environment. UEA’s iconic modernist campus is situated in green and rolling parkland just two miles from the centre of Norwich, a vibrant and historical cathedral city brimming with cultural and social attractions.